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Love the design. Very realistic: large domes, which could be the main research facilities / cafeteria / greenhouse and such, surrounded...

I'll have another try at a critique. The composition of the image is good. The proportions of the body are realistic (I'm not a fan of ...

Hello RM. I'll have a go at a critique. This is the first time I do that, so, be considerate... Kelly's facial expression really transm...

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Waiting For The Bus Aftermath 2
“But of course, you will look all pretty in that frilly dress and hot pink heels.
Just add a blonde, you like blonde, right, wig and it will be perfect!
We will then take lots of pictures. You like pictures, don’t you?
Good thing your phone doesn’t have a password and your facebook page is still open.”

“No, please...”

“Then we’ll drop you off back at the bus stop, all dressed up, just in time for the last bus of the night.
And, oh, aren’t you working at the foundry by the bus stop? I believe it will be right in the middle of the workshift change.
You will be able to show your new look to all your fellow coworkers. I’m sure they will love it.”

“No, please. Not that. I’ll do anything....”

“I know you’ll do anything, you’re such a sweet sissy,  and what I want you to do is THAT!”

“Shit! Please...”

“Such bad words. Do we have a gag we can spare?”


Mature Content

Waiting For The Bus Aftermath 1 by monsterp63
Waiting For The Bus Aftermath 1
“You do look quite pretty in those little panties, oh you, naughty, perrvy boy.
You don’t workout a lot, don’t you? I kind of notice.
Now, what are we going to... What is that...  oh? Are you suggesting??? How thoughtful!!”


Mature Content

Waiting For The Bus by monsterp63

Mature Content

Waiting For The Bus Aftermath 2 by monsterp63
Waiting For The Bus

It had been a long day.
All he wanted was go back home, open a cold beer and collapse on the sofa.
Waiting for the next bus, he had nothing else to do than play with his phone, browsing social medias.

He heard strange noises from afar. A strange mix or clicking and clacking sounds, mixed with squishing  sounds, like someone was washing a window with rubber gloves.
The sound became louder, but what caught his attention was the strange light reflection.

He raised his head, and his jaw dropped. He saw them, two gorgeous women, one completely covered in black shiny rubber, wearing pure white thigh high, high heel platform boots, and the other one, in a very tight and short black latex dress, walking on strange pointed boots without any heels, walking slowly, balancing her hips like he never saw before.

Slowly, they walked in front on him. He blinked a few times, trying to make sure his eyes, or his brain, were not playing tricks with him.

He felt dizzy, sleepy, then he remembered to breath, with a strong noisy gasps that he was afraid would burst that dream bubble.

The woman in the latex catsuit slowly turned around, leaning her back against the post, raising her right hand to get a hold of her knee on the post.
The girl in the dress slowly approached her, softly raising her hand, aiming for her chest.

He felt his member getting bigger by the second. Then he remembered that he had his cell phone in his hand. Perhaps he could aim it and take home some souvenirs.
Smiling at the thought of doing it. Smiling at the sight in front of him, he gently positioned his cell phone and pressed the button. It made a classic shutter sound. He gasp.

The girl in the dress stopped as she was reaching the latex covered breast and gently turned around, looking at him with a smile that could melt steel, and eyes that could hypnotize a blind.
Then she spoke. A soft voice, yet a commanding voice. A voice you just can’t say no to.

“You’re not doing anything worthy of a severe punishment, aren’t you?” she said, as she slowly walked toward him, balancing on those strange boots, looking at him in the eyes.

"Err... Well... I... ... Yes..."

A watcher asked me if I could make an image of "pure" latex.
Yes, I can...
Is it any good?


Waiting For The Bus Aftermath 1 by monsterp63

mummy lo-res WIP
That's why I wanted the mummy package.

One of the girl (nope, I'm not revealing which one) ends up all wrapped up.
The kit doesn't cover the fingers nor the toes. For reasons you will discover (or you could figure out with a little cross references) I couldn't show any skin for that particular girl. I fixed the problem by adding gloves and socks.
I know, looks a little weird, but I have to do with what I have.

It's a lo-res (only 800pix wide) WIP in testing/experimenting phase with basic lighting, etc. I'm not even sure I will go with this table or even this environment.

I've been having a writer's block for the past week, not even knowing where I was heading with that story. It looked like a dead-end.
And then, out of nowhere, the solution!

Actually, that's funny, I was juggling with ideas for the next Karen's adventures, thinking of different predicaments. I thought "What if Karen goes visiting a pyramid and ends up all mummified?" Then it hit me like a stone hit the slave workers building the pyramids!!! 
That's how to get out of the Red Crystal's dead end!

The hamster jumped on the wheel again and began running like crazy, and there I was, hurrying back home from my head clearing walk (it did work, didn't it?), and frantically typing the rough ideas before I forget them.

As usual when I have something this big and complex (I'm counting at least 7 parts to this adventure), I let the ideas simmer overnight to polish the details.

In the morning, after writing the complete synopsis of the story, I realized that I needed a way to make a mummy.

The rest is history. (Well, it's history the the making but, well, you know what I mean...)
I've put about 150 stories (so far) on this site, and I never asked for much.
I never counted the number of hours I have put into any of the artistic work I have done.

However, for the "Red Crystal" story, I have to put one of the girls into a mummy.

To do so, I need an item from Daz:…

That thing costs $42 (US) which converts to over $55 Canadian (yeah, Monopoly money is worth more - and my ex took all the Monopoly money)

So, if anyone is interested into donating something, anything that would ease the payment, it would be greatly appreciated.

Just PM me and I'll give my paypal donation link.
Or it could be a Daz3D gift cart, I don't mind. (Hey, I have over $1000 of items in my D3D wishlist...)


***** UPDATE *******

The amount needed to get the item has been reached, and the item is already bought.
Mummy by monsterp63
Thanks to the gererous donators.
I will never be able to thank you enough.

Note that, if you still want to contribute, and send me money (or DAZ gift cards), who am I to say no...



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Which is your preferred predicament? (for Karen, of course) 

54 deviants said Totally sealed, UNplanned
33 deviants said Totally sealed, planned
7 deviants said Not totally sealed (head free)


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kermit2y Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
Thank you so much for you stories!

I specially love the tight jeans ones:-) will you write more of those?
monsterp63 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you.

Tight jeans stories. Well, they are my "primordial" stories (the first ones I wrote).
Unfortunately, tight jeans stories are not the most read / commented / asked for.
Since the only "pay" I get out of this is reader's comments and favorites, they don't "pay for themselves".
I may write more, but it's not within the priorities.

I try to include (as TJ fetish is a strong one for me) tight jean situations, allusions, scenes. in the latex stories.
If you have a look at the (not so great) "Special Mission" image story, you'll see that Karen is in tight jeans... well as tight as I could find for Daz 3D.

Thank you very much for your comment. Really appreciated.
Enjoy the stories!

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Thank you for watching!:)
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Totally awesome seeing these stories here.  I followed the Karens Fetish World web site and was sorry to see it go away.  Great to see the stories are back on-line.
monsterp63 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you found me... again. Thanks for the nice comment.
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Good to see you posting your stories here :D
monsterp63 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I had no choice. A gorgeous, tall woman, covered in latex and sporting extreme heels, came to my home and instructed me to do so... or else...
:) (Smile) 
Rubbermatt Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Ah yes those latex muses, they are rather demanding aren't they? :P
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